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We will place your book cover for one month/30 days give or take a day on our index page in one of 12 rotators at the top of our site. Your Cover image will have your buy link attached. Your cover will be re-sized to fit our screen and will be added to the top of the page in one of 12 rotators. Your Cover will run for one month/30 days. Your cover will be added by the next day or for sure within 48 hours...I will get your cover images from Amazon using your ISBN or ASIN. You wont get an email telling you that your ad has been placed, so come back and check later...Your cover may run longer than 30 days depending on how many covers we have placed at the time...

There will be 3 book covers in each rotator. 36 in total!

If this below is set at [0] means there are no slots available and not to order!

Available Banner Slots! [ 36 ]

A Rotating Book Ad For One Month In One Of Our Rotators That Will Rotate Every 7 Seconds!

Only! $19.95!

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